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kvalita vody
Pimp your Landscape 

What will happen, when

  • on the old dump a wood would grow, or
  • the factory wold be a grasland with friut trees, or
  • instead of the open cast mining there exists a sea for swimming and relaxing, or..or...or

With Pimp your Landscape you are able to creat YOUR Landscape, and you will see immediately, if your landscape will be good for waterquality, climate, relaxing and economy

You starts by choose a map

Then you have to plan, which function should be esecially good:


If your result is excellent, you can get an entry to the high score list.

But attention!
Once one function is red, you dont get access to the high score list!

    let's go!
it's impossible to change these sector within one action because of different conditions in affected fields